Video Management Solutions

Video Management Solutions is a powerful tool in any Security System for Situational Awareness and Investigations. We are proud to a offer ‘PurpleArrow Hawk’ VMS that is enabled for integrating with 3rd party security systems and Analytics, which can be an asset for any organizations, Government, Homeland Security, Military applications whether large or multi-locational.

Pioneered in IP video management and IP video surveillance by creating real-time situational awareness tools designed and delivered for the web. Focusing on functionality as well as the user experience, the VMS solutions — which include web-based video surveillance and network camera surveillance software — have become the most relied upon video surveillance systems for first responders and emergency security personnel.

PurpleArrow Hawk VMS Professional/Enterprise

Off-the-shelf or outside the box, Purple Arrow Hawk VMS is remarkable, capable, and customizable. Our best video surveillance software systems range from a simple one-camera / single-site management interface to a multinational monitoring platform that integrates disparate security technologies culminating in video surveillance software with enhanced real-time situational awareness anywhere in the world. Hawk fulfils the requirements for any standardized surveillance application as well as those critical needs outside the norm.


Features and Benefits

  Video Archives –

  • » Enhanced interface for intuitive retrieval using timeline driven navigation
  • » Multiple streaming video feeds for easier forensic analysis
  • » Share view feature for real-time collaboration and team review
  • » Event tagging for fast search and retrieval
  • » Analytic FastFind feature for powerful object search
  • » Speed searching up to 32x for scanning areas over long periods of time
  • » Quick extract tool for off-loading onto long-term storage or removable media
  Multi-Level/ Multi-Site Mapping –

  • » Real-time situational awareness
  • » Unlimited cameras, sites, and maps
  • » Intuitive camera dock with drag and drop functionality
  • » Ability to custom-configure maps and
    position vantage points to both pan and zoom
    for desired visual display
  • » Option to view unlimited sites
    across a distributed architecture
  • » Interactive device integration
    for accurate real-time status reporting
  Camera Viewer –

  • » Option to view any camera from any site in any configuration
  • » Virtual Pan-Tilt-Zoom on any camera
  • » DVR-like Pause/Rewind of any live camera
  • » Real-time quick record option and event tagging
  • » Real-time viewable events panel to receive and
    react to notifications anytime from anywhere
  • » System-wide search for immediate camera or event location

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PurpleArrow Hawk VMS Command View

  Command View, a premier video-wall application, works seamlessly with Hawk VMS and creates a remarkable, capable, and customizable multi-site application. Together, Command View and Hawk VMS fulfil the requirements for any standardized surveillance application as well as those critical needs outside the norm.

Trusted Security and Surveillance Partner

Command View Video Monitor Platform is the ideal video monitoring / video matrix system. Whether you have a sophisticated video wall or a stand-alone desktop, Command View can integrate into existing IP and analog camera networks. The platform supports an unlimited number of cameras allowing full scalability and enterprise class performance.

Customize camera groups, sites, users, and deployments. Command View is multi-purpose and can be used in many operations style configurations. Deployments of Command View can range from laptops to multi-monitor Security Operations Centers.

Command View2

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PurpleArrow Hawk VMS Fleet Management System

  Security has moved beyond stationary buildings and closed sites. Today we face challenges for mobile security deployment ranging from public transportation (busses, rail, ships) to private fleet monitoring.

As an Integrated Security Management System, our software acts as a common operating interface to send and receive communication between field devices and security personnel. As critical as real-time status notification can be, just as important is archive history and “linking” of events to forensic video. This integration of sub-systems allows your staff to see the entire story.

Of course, having an understanding of your goals and objectives is critical to the overall design and implementation of your system. To combine physical security with video surveillance and possibly virtual intelligence in the form of video analytics can be quite complex. From Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) to a robust Integrated Security Management System (ISMS), PACS’s design professionals are ready to work with you to address these concerns.

Fleet Management

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