Consulting and IT Services

We have an excellent team of software development professionals who are experienced enough to develop solutions on web, standalone, and mobile. Following are some of the service areas.

Assurance Services

At PACS, our out-of-the-box thinking helps us create innovative assurance strategies and solutions for you.
We offer an unmatched array of independent test capabilities deployable in flexible and agile rendition models suiting your business, IT and procurement imperatives. Emphasizing process and product quality, we provide the full spectrum of assurance services across the test value cycle.

Business Intelligence

The business environment today is more dynamic than ever, with mergers and acquisitions, consolidation and regulatory changes. To succeed, an enterprise like yours needs to develop an ability to sense these changes, and thus respond to them quickly and smartly. PACS can help your enterprise get agile, adaptable and efficient with the help of BI Tools and Analytics.

Business Intelligence (BI) facilitates businesses to perform management by “facts”. It helps in data-based decision making that would drive and improve the business and discover hidden trends.

In the current dynamic market conditions, in order to sustain and extend the business, client need to tackle the following challenges:

    • » Implementation of solutions
    • » Paucity of time to implement solutions
    • » Analysis of a large volume of information for decision making
    • » Need for greater precision in the prediction process

The absence of pervasive business intelligent systems leads to the following:

    • » Drop in business performance
    • » Enterprise risks
    • » Customer, partner, vendor relationship deflection
    • » Operational inefficiency


Mobility based Services

Get highly specialized engineering capabilities across Android and iOS mobile platforms and associated backend technologies, from idea to analytics.

PACS’ mobility services are comprehensive and cover every aspect of mobile application development both on the enterprise-side and consumer-facing side.


Cloud based Services

Organizations are embracing cloud to benefit from the scalability, responsiveness and cost-efficiencies that cloud computing offers. The transformation to a cloud environment is a significant enterprise undertaking that has a tremendous impact on the way IT organizations operate and the way services are delivered to business users.


We view cloud as a paradigm that enables organizations to operate more efficiently, while also further enables a service-based IT delivery model, resulting in improved responsiveness to business needs.


Cloud computing as a style of computing provides the following benefits:

    • » Standardized, IT-based capability provided by “off the shelf” or commoditized hardware components, use of large scale virtualization beyond processors – storage, core applications and development platforms
    • » Consumption-based billing on the basis of actual usage, and “pay-per-use” economics, for very small contract durations
    • » Scalability
      • » » From the customer perspective: The ability to “flex” and add capacity on the fly
      • » » From the provider perspective: Build in “elasticity” and scale on demand
      • » » Flexible access models, such as web-based interfaces for administrative and usage needs, provide ease of consumption as a key differentiator



We provide solutions for technologies like .NET, Java, C/C++, Open source technologies, Microsoft technologies, Oracle applications, PHP, Linux, XML and Visual Basic.

The technology team consists of a group of competent software professionals possessing tremendous experience and exposure to a whole gamut of software technologies. With such a core team of professionals, PACS can provide you world-class technological solutions and help you meet your ever-changing software needs.

Portal, Intranet and Extranet projects are, by and large, Business-specific ones guided by functional needs, the suitability of the solution, and appropriation of the solution by users.

The implementation or migration of a portal solution carries major technological stakes, because the solution must integrate horizontally into the Information System. As a portal solution “using” applications, services, and data within conventional application silos, its architecture is the key to its capacity to unite systems, develop interoperability, and maintain upgradability.